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China's first commercial nuclear heating project has begun operating at the Haiyang nuclear power plant in Shandong province. The plant's two AP1000 units will initially provide heating to 700,000 square [...]
Пн, Ноя 18, 2019
Kairos Power, Moltex Canada, Terrestrial Energy Inc and UltraSafe Nuclear Corporation have been selected as the first recipients of support under an initiative launched earlier this year to accelerate the [...]
Пн, Ноя 18, 2019
Innovation has always been at the heart of the nuclear power industry and its future depends on this commitment to technological advancement in both large and small reactor designs. This [...]
Сб, Ноя 16, 2019
Saskatchewan has identified the reduction of carbon emissions from electricity generation and development of small modular reactor technology amongst its goals for growth. The province could have its first operational [...]
Пт, Ноя 15, 2019
Achieving net-zero emissions in the USA by 2050 will require action across society, a new report from the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions has concluded. It recommends the development [...]
Чт, Ноя 14, 2019