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Two New Jersey legislative committees yesterday passed bills that would provide support to nuclear plants facing premature closure. The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee met jointly with the Assembly Telecommunications [...]
Пт, Фев 23, 2018
Leningrad-II 1 control room - 48
Unit 1 of the Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant has entered the power start-up phase, following Russian regulator Rostechnadzor's approval to do so, state nuclear corporation Rosatom announced yesterday. [...]
Пт, Фев 23, 2018
Paks - new unit location 48
Austria has launched a lawsuit against the European Commission for its approval of Hungarian state subsidies for the construction of two new reactors at the Paks nuclear power plant. [...]
Пт, Фев 23, 2018
Gigaba_budget_2018-(Government ZA-GCIS)-48
The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa has today called on the country's energy industry and the government to take a long-term view of energy planning and not be distracted [...]
Чт, Фев 22, 2018
Vandellos 1 - 48
Westinghouse and EDF will provide engineering services for the dismantling of unit 1 of the Vandellós nuclear power plant under a contract awarded by Spanish decommissioning and waste management firm [...]
Чт, Фев 22, 2018